The U2019 Fee Schedule for 2018 returns

All Charges include Free Electronic Filing of Minnesota and Federal Tax Returns for the fastest possible refund without the added charges of a Refund Anticipation Loan.

Simple (Short Forms)

Federal and Minnesota:


M-1PR Minnesota Rent or

Property Tax Refund:


Federal & Minnesota

with Itemized Deductions:


Earned Income Credit

& Working Family Credit:

(On Federal & Minnesota Short Form

with Standard Deductions)


with ChildCare Credit ($20.00):


All above priced for 1 W-2;

Additional W-2, 1099R or W-2G:

$5 ea.

Some other Fees for additional schedules:

Refundable Federal Child Credit: $15.00
Federal Education Credit: $30.00
Minnesota K-12

Education Credit:

Interest & Dividend Income

over $1,500:

$15.00 plus $2 per item
Capital Gains & Losses: $15.00 plus $5 per item
Business (Proprietorship): $35.00 to $160.00
Rental Income: $75.00 avg. per property

(Additional charges for other schedules and services.)

Partnership and Corporation Income Tax Returns from $175.00